Transformation course by Japanese technologies

55 000 RUB

The course of the transformation. Beauty from the outside and from the inside;
3 gel masks + collagen capsules
Portable Enhel Bottle Generator
Container H2 BAG

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In a special Enhel Beauty package you will find all must-haves:

Get the transformation in 3 steps:

1. The transformation course.
Beauty from the outside and from the inside” includes 3 gel-masks made of 3 active constituents and the best Japanese collagen capsules. This gel-mask has been marked as the best therapeutic agent in Japan. This is a mask to
be applied for special occasions. The mask consists of ceramides and collagen that improve cells regeneration, moisturize the skin and protect it from toxic effects of the environment. Moreover, molecular hydrogen being one of the mask’s ingredients a powerful antioxidant which, delivers useful substances to the deeper layers of the skin, replacing painful invasive procedures. The skin transforms every day: -rejuvenating processes are boosted; wrinkles are smoothed; -puffiness is significantly reduced. The course of 3 masks is designed for a month. We recommend using one mask once in every ten days. Collagen pills are also quite efficient. Collagen helps restoring the skin from the inside, and the constituent components stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. But this is far from all that the miraculous capsules do. The collagen supplies in human body constantly decrease, and it is not that easy to make up for it. Internal organs also suffer from this misbalance. The Japanese scientists have developed a high-quality collagen, which is easily absorbed by the body. We recommend taking two capsules every day 30 minutes before meals.
2.Portable Enhel Bottle Generator.
-easy to use
This is a small, convenient and incredibly useful device for everyday life. It will take you only 3 minutes to turn still water into hydrogen one with therapeutic concentration. There are 10 colors to choose: from extravagant and bright, to strict and restrained. There are no replaceable parts in it, it is charged as a mobile phone – from a USB cable.
3. Container H2 BAG.
Filling with hydrogen water is even easier now. It is well-known that some therapeutic qualities of hydrogen water start to decrease 20 minutes after it was poured into a glass. And what if you want to take it away with you? That’s why they created a H2 BAG. This is a patented Japanese technology. The inner part of container is covered with aluminum powder, and the outer one with food plastic, which preserves hydrogen’s healthy qualities and keeps the water fresh for 3 days.


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