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Golden spa-treatments + complimentary masks set.

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It is time to shine! We have exclusively created an off-site beauty laboratory for those who do not have enough time to go to spa-centers. Our mobile rejuvenation team will come to the place that is convenient for you and within two hours you will get a full-time salon care. Our cosmetologist will provide you with popular golden care Enhel Beauty Gold Series treatments which are bestsellers in Japan.

The procedure consists of 8 stages.

The first 4 stages are purification procedures:
– Makeup remover gel
– superficial peeling for cleansing skins’ upper layers
– skrab for a deeper exfoliation
– purifying lotion

4 stages of innovative care:
-golden cream – preparation for mask
-golden mask (combining with the kobido massage: collar zone first following by décolleté area, face and head)
-Golden essence + facial massage
-Gold serum application is a termination procedure
If you try it once, you will immediately see its effectiveness.
-Visible result tight after the first procedure (lifting, deep hydration)
-Therapeutic rejuvenation without injection

Golden care from Enhel is the best alternative to invasive procedures. Make your choice in favor of pleasant and useful luxury. Give yourself a piece of beauty!

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