Skin Shining Gift Set

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Offer yourself a happiness of staying young!

Enhel Beauty Hydrogen Gel Patches, 3 pairs.

+ Face, Neck and Decollete Youth Concentrate, 20g. 

+ Enhel Beauty Jelly Collagen, 2 sticks.

+ Enhel Beauty Hydrogen Mask for Ideal Skin, 3 pcs. 

+ ENHEL Dark Chocolate.

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Enhel Beauty Hydrogen Gel Patches, 3 pairs.

A real joy for your eyes – hydrogen hydrogel patches with two unique components from the Japanese island of long-livers – Okinawa. This is a Pacific healing water from a depth of 680 meters and a hydrogen essence based on the coral powder from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. An additional effect is provided due to extracts of unique plants growing only in Okinawa. Visible result after the first application: fine wrinkles around the eyes are smoothed, puffiness disappears, dark circles under the eyes are lightened. 

Face, Neck and Decollete Youth Concentrate, 20g.  

The Golden Gel Mask is a real source of youth with instant lifting effect. This gel contains a high concentration of active ingredients – ceramides, collagen, fullerene and platinum nanocolloids, which penetrate deep into your skin, moisturize it and accelerate the cell regeneration. As soon as in 10-15 minutes your skin will be transformed and your face will look tightened, well-cared for and radiant.

Enhel Beauty Jelly Collagen, 2 sticks.

The elixir of health, youth and beauty. Enhel Beauty collagen is a cocktail of three types of collagen, vitamin C, whey protein, L-phenylalanine, erythrol and red pepper extract. A natural source of unique amino acids, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin stimulates the synthesis of our own collagen and regeneration of skin cells, blood vessels and joints, strengthens the immune system, improves the body’s tone, energizes for the whole day.

Our collagen has a pleasant taste, does not contain sugar, caffeine and dyes.

Enhel Beauty Hydrogen Mask for Ideal Skin, 3 pcs.

Treat yourself to ideal skin with Enhel Beauty anti-aging mask. It will take just 20 minutes to make your skin smooth, firm and fresh, shining with beauty and health. The mask is developed basing on a unique combination:

Highly concentrated hydrogen essence based on coral powder taken from the depth of the Pacific Ocean, which delivers all the unique components to deeper layers of the skin and activates barrier and recovery processes in the cells. 

Powerful antioxidant – fullerene that triggers processes of skin renewal and rejuvenation at the cellular level. The formula is also rich in amino acids. The mask not only corrects the age-related changes of the skin, but also stops their further appearance.

Enhel Dark Chocolate. 

Exquisite taste of our dark chocolate will give you a pleasure that you would like to last. Treat yourself more often!


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