Skin cleansing and makeup removing gel

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Made in Japan 
Purpose: For face 
Brand: ENHEL 
Package:200 ml

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Make-up removal is the first step to the ideal skin cleansing, especially when a multifunctional gel can solve the both problems. The multifunctional cleansing and make-up removing gel is based on a unique fullerene, marked by the Nobel Prize. It has been scientifically proven that this molecular carbon provides powerful protection against inflammatory processes, fights acne, narrows pores and, at the
same time, maintains PH-balance.  In combination with platinum nanocolloids, it creates an intense but delicate antioxidant effect and a deep skin cells repair. Ceramides prevent the lipid barrier from damage as well as retain moisture in cells as their action provides a comfortable cleansing without any sensations of tightening even to the most sensitive skin.  As a result, skin is radiant, moisturized and ready for the next step of skin care.
Application: gently apply daily in the morning and / or in the evening the gel on damp face skin and massage it for 3 minutes. Remove the rest with warm damped cotton pad or rinse with warm water.  Suitable for all skin types even for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic. Efficacy is confirmed by clinical tests.