Sparkling shampoo for healthy glossy hair

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Country: Japan

Purpose: For hair

Size 400ml

Brand: ENHEL

ENHEL BEAUTY HAIR CARE Premium Shampoo with Therapeutic Effect for Hair Strengthening and Growth

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Therapeutic effect for hair strengthening and growth
Recommended for daily use.
A remedy that changes hair and ideas about shampoos. Feel what your hair can be like. The shampoo is created on the basis of mineral water with a high content of carbon dioxide. Concentrated bubbles of carbon dioxide penetrate deeply and restore the weakened skin from inside, activate the microcirculation of the blood, absorb completely contaminations from the pores. Plus nineteen strong and natural ingredients in the shampoo repair damages, moisturize, and protect hair. The remedy has the therapeutic effect and does not contain silicone, sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, artificial dyes. Shampoo smells like a fresh apple, perfectly foams and cleans, and the technology with a double pump maintains the activity of carbon dioxide. Beautiful hair starts with the health of skin cells, but continues with a great mood. Every day, you easily restore your hair with the usual procedure!
Results of application:
◦ stimulation of hair growth
◦ improved blood supply and strengthening of hair follicles
◦ restoration of the hair structure along the entire length
◦ deep moisturizing of hair and the scalp
◦ activation of cellular metabolism
◦ improved blood microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue
◦ tonifying effect
◦ perfect cleansing
◦ volumizing and improving the natural gloss


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