Shampoo for silky hair

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Country: Japan

Purpose: for hair

Brand: ENHEL

Volume: 550 ml

Dull, stiff and unmanageable hair care.

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Unmanageable hair will become history. The shampoo contains fatty acids which will gently nourish and moisten hair with useful ingredients. Main components are valuable cosmetic oils that will provide thermal protection to your hair, as well as protect against the sun and other negative factors. Every time hair structure will be improved. After the first application, a noticeable result is guaranteed. Combined ingredients moisturize the scalp, strengthen the hair follicles and prevent the appearance of split ends. Dull and stiff hair will become smooth and silky. Only natural ingredients, no perfumes and silicones.

Instructions for use: 

Apply the shampoo over the whole length of the damp hair. Then run fingers over the scalp with light massaging movements. Rinse thoroughly with water.