Sample Travel Box

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In this sample travel box, we have collected mini-versions of ENHEL BEAUTY products and hit masks which are convenient as travel arrangements.

The box includes a full course from makeup removal and skin cleansing to multi-step facial skin care, delicate eye contour care and unique serum based on innovative ingredients manufactured by the leading Japanese scientific laboratories, which effectiveness is confirmed by clinical studies. The products are hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive ones.

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1. Multifunctional DIAMOND COLLECTION MAKEUP REMOVAL GEL based on fullerene – Nobel molecular carbon    protects against inflammation and preserves pH balance. Platinum nanocolloids combined with ceramides provide comfortable cleansing even of the most sensitive skin.

2. Deep skin cleansing and its energy wake-up – in natural  DIAMOND COLLECTION EXFOLIANT based on thermal water. Peach kernel particles smooth out the skin tone gently peeling off the cells. Hydrolyzed collagen improves the skin tonicity and own immunity against aging. Extracts of apple stem cells improve microcirculation, vegetable phytoestrogens eliminate the sense of tightness. The skin is perfectly cleaned, tonified, lifted and it shines from inside, prepared for the main step of care.


Inhibits the process of aging due to the innovative formula based on fullerene molecular carbon. Combined with platinum nanocolloids and caffeine, it tones up, improves lymphatic drainage and contributes to active regeneration of the skin cells. Ceramides provide complete hydration and regeneration of the skin lipid layer preventing its dehydration. After the first application, even the most “tired” skin is lifted, the microrelief is smoothed, it is filled with energy and health.

4. DIAMOND COLLECTION ANTI-AGING FACIAL CREAM with a highly effective therapeutic complex for cascade nutrition of the skin cells due to hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Necessary nutrition based on shea butter – for decreasing the wrinkles depth, preventing formation of the new ones and activation of collagen synthesis. Fullerene – molecular carbon –  provides powerful antioxidant effect, improvement of regeneration and delivery of all necessary minor nutrients. The innovative formula has a prolonged lifting effect and provides an injection-free reconstruction of the facial contours.


Provides the perfect care for delicate eye contour rejuvenation from the leading Japanese scientists of Enhel company. Thanks to the Nobel fullerene – molecular carbon – all necessary minor nutrients are instantly delivered to the cells for maximum anti-age effect. Antioxidant effect of platinum recovers cellular metabolism, corrects swelling and dark under-eye circles even after the first application. Hyaluronic acid fills wrinkles with moisture, prevents the crow’s feet effect while ceramides preserve the lipid barrier. Look becomes refreshed, open and radiant.


A real SOS-product for the metropolis inhabitants: this 3-in-1 product allows to quickly remove the marks of fatigue, smoothen wrinkles around the eyes and in the area of nasolabial furrows without extra efforts. Anti-stress, moisturizing and lifting are combined in the original patented formula developed by one of the largest Japanese laboratories of Enhel. Due to their transparent texture, the patches are perfect for flights and invisible on the face!


Professional procedure for the skin intensive moisturizing and restoration of its vitality in one mask. Combined with molecular hydrogen and vegetable collagen, amino acid-rich 1, 13 oligopeptides of natural origin trigger intensive cell regeneration. The tone of the skin cells is increased, age spots and blackheads are eliminated. Extract of rosemary leaves contributes to a powerful healing effect – pitted acne scars  and spots are smoothing. Ideal for recovery after injection and laser techniques, as well as after a long exposure to the sun and skin restoration after sea water. Suitable for all skin types, especially for dry, sensitive and problem.


Luxurious hydrogen mask – like a “second breath” for skin cells after weary journeys. At the heart of the innovative anti-age formula there is molecular hydrogen in a high concentration filling the skin with the necessary energy and increasing its own immunity against aging. 1, 3, 6 II ceramides of natural origin form a protective film due to which the high level of skin hydration is maintained and prolonged while collagen fibers increase its plasticity and elasticity. Your skin is moistened and prepared for exposure of the sunlight and changes in climatic zones.

9. ENHEL Chocolate– without harm to the figure based on natural ingredients – it is a pleasant and tasty compliment for a perfect mood even during a long journey.


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