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Country: Japan

Purpose: For hair, face and beauty

Brand: ENHEL

Package: Enhel Beauty Super Moistening Hydrogen Mask; Enhel Beauty Platinum Hydrogen Gel Mask; Enhel Beauty Diamond Hydrogen Mask; Hydrogen Gel Patches with Anti-Age Effect; Valuable Hydrogen Bath Salt

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Our Gift Set contains 3 Masks, Patches and Bath Salt.

1. Enhel Beauty Super Moistening Hydrogen Mask (1 pcs.)
Dry dehydrated skin will be a thing of the past. Moreover, the skin will get natural radiance and become elastic. The mask is a multifunctional 2-component remedy for care of the dry, dehydrated and problem-prone skin. It is ideal to apply after injection procedures, because the puffiness due to local anaesthesia will be relieved faster. The mask will quickly and efficiently restore the skin. It will enhance the effect of all components of molecular hydrogen.

2. Enhel Beauty Platinum Hydrogen Gel Mask (1 pcs.)
Luxurious multicomponent composition: hydrogen that has a high reducing capability, and platinum nanocolloid, which contributes to the pronounced skin rejuvenation. The mask stimulates the intense production of collagen, reduces wrinkles and eliminates sagging, prevents dryness and coarsening of the skin, suppresses the process of melanin formation, reduces pigmentation spots. Just a few minutes – and your skin looks amazing!

3. Enhel Beauty Diamond Hydrogen Mask (1 pcs.)
Superior texture of the mask allows to use it for both therapeutic care and as a single application – for instant effect. The valuable diamond mask will ensure instantaneous lifting and wrinkle correction. Moreover, it will restore the natural moisture balance of the skin, tonify the skin, refresh the complexion. Ceramides as a component of the mask create a physiologic barrier film, thereby the high level of the skin hydration is preserved and maintained.

4. Hydrogen Gel Patches with Anti-Age Effect (1 pair)
Give yourself a shining and magnificent look with no signs of fatigue at one stroke. To do this, you need to apply chilled patches for 15-20 minutes every morning and every evening after washing. They can take effective care of your skin around eyes, in the area of nasolabial furrows or any problem-prone area of your face. In addition, it is an excellent moisture restore for lips giving the effect of professional care at home.

5. Valuable Hydrogen Bath Salt (1 pcs.)
Plunge into a relaxing atmosphere of rejuvenating hydrogen bath. We recommend you to take a warm hydrogen bath for 15-20 minutes daily. Enhel Beauty Hydrogen Bath Salt is a hot spring at your home. The unique hydrogen therapy where each cell of the body is enriched with molecular hydrogen. Your skin is rejuvenated, moistened and becomes more smooth and elastic. Your skin will shine as new after the first procedure.

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