Romantic Trip Set

11 000 RUB

A set of splendid masks for various occasions – spontaneous date and long-awaited meeting, reception party and romantic evening – will highlight your beauty. Our Golden Gel-Mask concentrate will provide an additional anti-age effect to any them.

You will also get 550 Points!
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1. Diamond Hydrogen Mask. – 1 pc.

You will get healthy and beautiful radiant skin and noticeable lifting effect as early as after the first application of this rejuvenating diamond hydrogen mask, suitable for all skin types. The mask has a powerful moisturizing effect and prevents the skin dehydration, fights the signs of aging, recovers the skin tone and elasticity, triggers regeneration processes at the cellular level, corrects pigment spots and prevents their appearance.

2. Platinum Hydrogen Gel Mask – 1 pc.

It is a super lifting mask with high concentration of platinum nanocolloids. This precious anti-aging mask deeply moisturizes the skin, initiates active production of collagen, accelerates the cell regeneration, smoothens wrinkles and tightens the face contours. It gives an instant lifting effect and your face skin gets a million dollar look: delicate, smooth, radiant and youthful.

3. Еnhel Вeauty CO2 Therapy Mask – 1 pc.

This mask for carboxytherapy is made using a unique technology. When applied to your face skin, it turns into a film and you can easily get a professional salon treatment analogue at home! 

Carboxytherapy is a natural method of skin rejuvenation due to the effects of carbon dioxide, which activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the cells. Your skin will be smooth and firm as early as after the first application.

4. Face, Neck & Decollete Youth Concentrate. – 20 g

The Golden Gel-Mask is a source of youth with instant result and lifting effect. The gel has a high concentration of active substances – ceramides, collagen, fullerene and platinum nanocolloids, which deeply penetrate into the skin, moisturize it and accelerate the cell regeneration. As early as in 10-15 minutes, the skin will be transformed and your face will look firmer, well-cared for and radiant.

5. Enhel Beauty Green Tea Alginate Mask. – 1 pc.

This hypoallergenic mask for all skin types has an instant lifting effect, improves the blood circulation and speeds up the metabolism, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, eliminates the signs of fatigue, dryness and inflammation. You will get smooth, firm skin, well-defined face contour and beautiful even complexion – radiance of your natural beauty.

6. Enhel Beauty Bio-Cellulose Mask. – 1 pc.

A biocellulose mask will help to give your face a radiant look and well-defined contours after the first use. You will look irresistibly beautiful – no fatigue, puffiness and dryness, only firm, smooth and healthy skin, illuminated from the inside.


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