Portable Dissolved H2 Meter

A portable instrument for measuring dissolved hydrogen in the hydrogen water produced by hydrogen water generators.

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What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the first element in the Mendeleev’s periodic table and the most abundant chemical substance on the Earth. It exists very rarely in the pure state, often forms chemical compounds. For example, you can find hydrogen is in the formula of water, it is not by chance that its name “hydrogenium“ is translated from Greek as “giving birth to water”.

The degree of hydrogen concentration in water can be determined in three ways:

  • The pH meter measures the degree of activity of hydrogen ions, thereby determining the acidity of the water environment;
  • the meter can calculate the mass concentration of an element in aqueous solutions using a hydrogen concentration analyzer;
  • the titration meter can hardly be used commercially and is good only for research work under laboratory conditions;

The Portable Dissolved Hydrogen Meter Trastlex ENH-1000 uses a hydrogen concentration analyzer technology, which allows both to determine the concentration and analyze a sufficiently large amount of material.

Scope of supply: plastic case, electrode storage solutio, sealing ring, instruction manual in Russian.


Portable and comfortable.

Saves measurement data until its turning off.

Equipped with a long-life battery.

It has a battery charge indicator.

Automatically turns off after 10 minutes.

Units of measure on the display: ppm/ppb.


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