Medium Box Gift Set

14 000 RUB

Premium care product for instantaneous transformation – in a gift box.

Country: Japan

Purpose: For face and beauty

Brand: ENHEL

Package: Enhel Beauty Diamond Hydrogen Mask; Hydrogen Gel Patches with Anti-Age Effect; Valuable Hydrogen Bath Salt

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1. Enhel Beauty Diamond Hydrogen Mask (3 pcs.)
Give yourself a gentle radiance. The effectiveness of the mask is noticeable after the first application and it is suitable for all skin types. The mask fights against signs of aging, restores skin tone and elasticity, activates the regeneration processes at the cellular level, corrects pigment spots and prevents their appearance, and strengthens the vascular cage. It helps to restore the skin after minimally invasive procedures. The mask has a powerful moistening effect and prevents the skin dehydration, relieves the puffiness, inflammation, and irritation. In addition, it helps to cope with dermatitis at the stage of inflammation.

2. Hydrogen Gel Patches with Anti-Age Effect (3 pairs)
Give yourself a shining and magnificent look with no signs of fatigue at one stroke. To do this, you need to apply chilled patches for 15-20 minutes every morning and every evening after washing. They can take effective care of your skin around eyes, in the area of nasolabial furrows or any problem-prone area of your face. In addition, it is an excellent moisture restore for lips giving the effect of professional care at home.

3. Valuable Hydrogen Bath Salt (3 pcs.)
Plunge into a relaxing atmosphere of rejuvenating hydrogen bath. We recommend you to take a warm hydrogen bath for 15-20 minutes daily. Enhel Beauty Hydrogen Bath Salt is a hot spring at your home. The unique hydrogen therapy where each cell of the body is enriched with molecular hydrogen. Your skin is rejuvenated, moistened and becomes more smooth and elastic. Your skin will shine as new after the first procedure.


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