Medicinal Protein Shampoo with Nanocapsules

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Country: Japan
Purpose: For hair
Brand: ENHEL
Size 350ml
Enhel Beauty Medicinal Protein Shampoo with Nanocapsules.

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Enhel Beauty Medicinal Protein Shampoo with Nanocapsules. Recommended for everyday use. Suitable for men and women.
Innovative formula, which includes 5 components of natural origin in a nanocapsule, which immediately penetrate into hair, making it strong and healthy.
Nanocapsules repair damages, protect against adverse effect of heat and provide protection. Thanks to protein, hair after wash is smooth and gloss.

Results of application:
◦ stimulation of hair growth
◦ strong hair along its entire length
◦ deep moisturizing of hair and scalp
◦ regulation of sebum secretion
◦ ideal cleaning, though it is silicone-free
◦ volumizing and improving the natural gloss