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Country: Japan
Purpose: For face
Brand: ENHEL
Package: 3 pcs.

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Enhel Beauty Mask for perfect skin with anti-aging effect is developed on the basis of a unique coral complex.

The base of the mask contains a highly concentrated hydrogen essence based on coral powder from the depth of the Pacific Ocean, which delivers all the unique components to the deeper layers of the skin and activates the barrier and recovery processes in the cells. The formula contains a powerful antioxidant – fullerene that triggers processes of skin renewal and rejuvenation; the formula is also enriched with amino acids. For just 20 minutes of applying the mask, the skin becomes radiant, swelling is eliminated. Store in a refrigerator.

Note: Clean the skin with Enhel Beauty foam before applying the mask. Remove the mask from the package and place it on the face so that the holes for eyes and mouth are in their places. Leave the mask on the face for 20 minutes, then gently remove it. Wipe the skin with a warm, damp towel. Apply Enhel Beauty serum and cream.

Additional Information

Ingredients: water, glycerin, butylene glycol, pentylene glycol, fullerene, sodium hyaluronate, ascorbyl tetrahexyl decanoate, tocopherol acetate, cerebroside, succinyl atelocollagen, coral powder, mineral salts, 1,2-hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, hydrogenated castor oil PEG-60,  starch-grafted sodium acrylate copolymer, EDTA-2Na (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt), PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone), phenoxyethanol, methylparaben


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