Ludwig Essence Serum

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This skin care line combining delicacy and strength is created for women who look for true tenderness. The Ludwig Serum is aimed at the care of skin with appearing signs of aging.
Ludwig is an Old German given name that means “Glorious Warrior.” Inspired by the image of a majestic, elegant woman, this line is assigned with a purple color, which is considered to be the color of noble people in Western and Eastern cultures.
The serum has a voguish, sophisticated aroma of purple flowers of lilac, violet, etc. 

Volume: 40 ml

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It is no coincidence that this new serum by the Enhel laboratory bears the name of “Ludwig”, which is translated as “Glorious Warrior”. It fights for the youth and beauty of women aged 30-40 years, eliminating the visible signs of skin aging due to the “Protective Veil” technology. Natural antioxidants like vitamin C, which is necessary to produce the skin’s own collagen, and artemia extract, which reduces inflammation, provide invisible protection against environment influence. The soy bean extract is a natural source of phytoestrogens that rejuvenates your skin from the inside and also contains lecithin and a complex of vitamins E, A and K. The unique Crash technology enhances protective functions of the skin due to a balanced combination of water and oils. At once several components moisturize the skin, which is especially necessary in cold and windy weather. Allantoin softens the horny layer, facilitating the separation of dead cells, and stimulates the tissue regeneration. Ceramides prevent moisture loss and restore the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin. Amitose R provides natural hydration. The result is already noticeable as early as after several applications – firm, elastic, energized skin, toned face shape and Queen-worthy look.

Recommended age: after 35 years

Additional Information

Main ingredients:   1) Vitamin C – antioxidant. It is necessary for the synthesis of the skin’s own collagen. 2) Ceramides – prevent water loss through the epidermis, which can lead to dry skin. They are necessary to recover the lipid mantle of the skin. 3) Herbal Extracts: - Artemia extract – antioxidant, nourishes and moisturizes, protects the skin, reduces inflammation. - Soybean sprouts extract – natural source of phytoestrogens. It contains a large amount of vitamins E, A, K, as well as lecithin. 4) Allantoin – softens the horny layer of the skin, facilitating the separation of dead cells, and stimulates the tissue regeneration. It is introduced into the composition of pore shrinking, skin softening cosmetic products, including those intended for the treatment of weathered or sunburned skin. 5) Amitose R – provides natural moisturizing of the skin. The Ludwig serum is ideal for women aged 30 - 40 years. Ingredients: water; butylene glycol; glycerol; squalane; pentylene glycol; betaine; lauroyl glutamic acid di (phytosteryl/octyldodecyl); ethylhexyl glycerol; dihydroxypropylarginine HCI; diphosphoglycerate; ascorbyl tetrahydroxide acanoate; ascorbyl glucoside; allantoin; ceramide NP; NG ceramide; soybean sprouts extract; artemia extract; carbomer; xanthan gum; hydrogenated lecithin; phenoxyethanol; hydroxide K; aromatic substances; pentetoic acid 5Na; PPG-4 color-20; behenyl alcohol; polyglycerin pentastearate-10; stearoyl lactylate.


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