Japanese Beauty Secret Gift Set

19 500 RUB

Instant skin transformation with premium ENHEL products.

Face, Neck & Decollete Youth Concentrate, 20g. 

+ Collagen Pills.

+ Diamond Hydrogen Mask, 3 pcs. 

+ ENHEL Dark Chocolate.

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Face, Neck & Decollete Youth Concentrate, 20g.  

The Golden Gel Mask is a real source of youth with instant lifting effect. This gel contains a high concentration of active ingredients – ceramides, collagen, fullerene and platinum nanocolloids, which penetrate deep into your skin, moisturize it and accelerate the cell regeneration. As soon as in 10-15 minutes your skin will be transformed and your face will look tightened, well-cared for and radiant.

Collagen Pills.

The Enhel Beauty collagen food supplement is able to prolong your youth for it contains ingredients that help preserve the health of your body and joints, the beauty of your skin and hair – collagen peptides, shark cartilage extract and corn germ extract. Regular taking of our collagen prevents aging of the entire body: your skin is smooth and firm, vessels are elastic, bones are strong, joints are mobile, body is more flexible and hair is shiny.

Diamond Hydrogen Mask, 3 pcs.

Your skin is radiant, healthy and beautiful and lifting effect is visible as early as after the first application of our rejuvenating hydrogen mask, which is suitable for all skin types. 

The mask has a powerful moistening effect and prevents skin dehydration, fights against signs of aging, restores your skin tone and elasticity, activates regeneration processes at the cellular level, corrects pigment spots and prevents their appearance. 

Enhel Dark Chocolate. 

Exquisite taste of our dark chocolate will give you a pleasure that you would like to last. Treat yourself more often!


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