Hydrogen Gel Patches


1 890 RUB7 800 RUB

Country: Japan

Purpose: For face, area around eyes, for nasolabial furrows

Ingredients: Carrageenan, Coral Powder, Mineral Salt, Molecular Hydrogen

Brand: ENHEL

Package: 3 or 10 pairs

Shining and magnificent look with no signs of fatigue


You will get up to 390 Points.

Give yourself a shining and magnificent look with no signs of fatigue at one stroke. To do this, you need to apply chilled patches for 15-20 minutes every morning and every evening after washing your face. They can take effective care of your skin around eyes, in the area of nasolabial furrows or any problem area of your face. In addition, it is an excellent moisture restore for lips giving the effect of professional care at home.
Patches are made using a patented unique technique: a special gel with high concentration of molecular hydrogen fits very flush with skin.
-effectively fight against age-related changes and signs of fatigue
-smooth fine wrinkles
-remove dark circles under the eyes
-provide powerful skin hydration
Results of application:
◦ elimination of swollen eyelids
◦ long-lasting moistening effect
◦ smooth velvety skin
◦ healthy complexion
◦ reducing wrinkles and loose skin
◦ removal of dark circles and fatigue signs under the eyes


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