Hair Treatment Travel Set

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Therapeutic 2-component shampoo and balm mask

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Regenerating shampoo for glossy hair. A revolutionary product for therapeutic treatment of your hair. It is created on the basis of mineral water with a high content of carbon dioxide. Concentrated bubbles of carbon dioxide deeply penetrate and repair the scalp from inside, activate the microcirculation of the blood, completely absorb contaminations from the pores. Plus 19 powerful and natural ingredients in the shampoo formula repair damages, moisturize, and protect your hair. 

The shampoo is 100% hypoallergic, has the therapeutic effect and does not contain silicone, sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, artificial dyes. It smells like a fresh apple, perfectly foams and purifies. Your hair will be filled with strength, healthy radiance and beauty. Recovery procedures have never been easier.

Results of application:
◦ stimulation of hair growth
◦ improved blood supply and strengthening of hair follicles
◦ restoration of the hair structure along the entire length
◦ deep moisturizing of hair and the scalp
◦ activation of cellular metabolism
◦ improved blood microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue
◦ tonifying effect
◦ perfect cleansing

Instructions for use:

Dispense equal amount of the contents from containers A and B and mix it in your palms. Evenly spread the shampoo over the entire length of your hair, gently massaging the scalp. Rinse thoroughly with water.


Therapeutic balm mask for hair strengthening and growth.
After using the shampoo, apply small amount of the balm mask over the entire length of your hair. Leave the mask for 3-5 minutes on the hair tips and then spread it all over your head and rinse away with water.