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Purpose: For health

Brand: ENHEL

Package: Available in bottles of 0.25L х 20pcs. and 0.75L х 12pcs.
Hydrogen water in glass bottle

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Artesian deep water is passed through a multistage filtration system and biological UV-treatment. Hydrogen is pumped under pressure by means of a patented unique system into purified drinking water in an effective concentration of not less than 1 mg/L. At the last stage, before bottling into especially durable glass bottles of 0.75L and 0.25L capacity, water undergoes a microbiological safety process using a unique device, i.e. Silver Ionizer, where it is enriched with silver ions in the required permissible concentration.

A patented bottling and corking system allows to reliably keep an effective concentration of molecular hydrogen in water within 12 months.

Quality is controlled at all process stages.

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