Golden Gel-Mask Enhel beauty


6 000 RUB12 000 RUB

Made in Japan
Purpose: For face
Brand: ENHEL
Package: 30g and 60g


You will get up to 600 Points.

Golden Gel –Mask is a real fountain of youth. The gel’s unique formula is rich in high concentrations of active ingredients and provides an immediate face- lifting. The mask includes ceramides and collagen which stimulate cell regenerating, moisturize the skin and protect it. Fullerene and nanocolloids of platinum deliver useful substances to deeper layers of skin and transform it: puffiness disappears, wrinkles decrease. 
Apply a thick layer of the gel mask on cleansed skin, leave for 10-15 minutes, and then gently remove the product with a warm wet towel. It is also recommended to use the gel mask as a base under the golden mask of Enhel Beauty. Express care with an instant effect makes the skin is tightened and smoothed, the complexion is harmonized and highlighted from the inside.


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