Gift Set For My Beloved Woman

24 000 RUB

An ideal gift for perfectly clean skin!

Purifying and Makeup Removing Gel.

+ Face Cleansing Delicate Mousse.

+ Face Exfoliator.

+ Enhel Beauty Hydrogen Mask for Ideal Skin. 3 pcs. 

+ ENHEL Dark Chocolate.

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Purifying and Makeup Removing Gel.

The first step to perfect skin cleansing is removing makeup, including long-lasting one, using our multipurpose gel with fullerene, ceramides and platinum nanocolloids. It provides skin cleansing and also retains moisture in the cells, preventing the breakdown of the lipid barrier. Due to its intense antioxidant effect, the gel repairs damaged skin cells and provides comfortable cleansing without drying and any sensation of tightness, prepares your skin for the next care stage. 

Face Cleansing Delicate Mousse.

The best product for your skin renewal and recovery after makeup removal is a cleansing foam mousse containing hydrolyzed collagen that penetrates deep into your skin and activates cell regeneration. Fruit extracts improves your skin tone, and apple stem cells strengthen cellular immunity and slow down aging. This gentle mousse creates a feeling of freshness and comfort, gives the skin an even tone and a healthy complexion.

Face Exfoliator

This natural exfoliant provides both deep cleansing of your skin and awakening of its energy. Peach pit powder dissolved in thermal water gently exfoliates horny cells and evens the skin tone. Hydrolyzed collagen repairs the skin cells and activates the synthesis of your own collagen. The extract of apple stem cells is rich in skin stimulation agents, which improve the skin microcirculation, while the vegetal placenta nourishes cells with phytoestragens to avoid dryness and tightness sensation. Your skin looks tightened, full of energy and brightness. 

Enhel Beauty Hydrogen Mask for Ideal Skin, 3 pcs.

Treat yourself to ideal skin with Enhel Beauty anti-aging mask. It will take just 20 minutes to make your skin smooth, firm and fresh, shining with beauty and health. The mask is developed basing on a unique combination:

Highly concentrated hydrogen essence based on coral powder taken from the depth of the Pacific Ocean, which delivers all the unique components to deeper layers of the skin and activates barrier and recovery processes in the cells. 

Powerful antioxidant – fullerene that triggers processes of skin renewal and rejuvenation at the cellular level. The formula is also rich in amino acids. 

The mask not only corrects the age-related changes of the skin, but also stops their further appearance.

Enhel Dark Chocolate. 

Exquisite taste of our dark chocolate will give you a pleasure that you would like to last. Treat yourself more often!


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