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One of the most unusual teas in the world is Genmaicha by Enhel Beauty. It consists of a mixture of Sencha green teas and fried fluffy brown Uruchigome rice.

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The aroma of this tea combines the smell of nuts, roasted seeds and sea breeze. It has a little sweet taste with bitterness. Despite its low calorie content, the tea dulls the feeling of hunger and helps to lose weight. Thanks to vitamins of group B, it removes toxins, improves the digestive tract activity, strengthens the immune system and increases the overall tone of the body.

Tea making method:

1. Pour some hot water into the kettle or cup before brewing;

2. Put tea leaves – 2 g per person – pour boiled water of 70-80 degrees;

3. Recommended tea brewing time – 1-1.5 minutes