Anti-aging eye booster Enhel beauty

SKU: D0132

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Made in Japan
Purpose: Eye cream
Ingredients: hyaluronic acid, ceramides, fullerene,platinum.
Brand: ENHEL
Package: 30g

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Leading Japanese scientists of Enhel Group present an absolute innovation for rejuvenating the delicate eye area for perfectly smooth, taut skin without any signs of fatigue. The Nobel fullerene is a molecular carbon which provides an instant delivery of all necessary trace elements to skin cells for maximum anti-age effect. The platinum’s antioxidant effect restores cellular metabolism, reduces puffiness and dark under-eye circles right after the first application. Hyaluronic acid fills wrinkles with moisture and prevents crow's feet effect, while ceramides retain the lipid barrier. The eye zone looks refreshed, youthful and radiant. Application: apply daily on the eye area, starting from the external canthus towards the nose. Spread remaining cream in the contrary direction using your fingertips above and under your eyebrow. In order to ensure best results, use it with Enhel Beauty face cream and serum.


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