5,600.00 РУБ.

Country: Japan

Purpose: For hair

Brand: ENHEL

Size: 100 ml

Argan Essence for Hair ENHEL BEAUTY HAIR CARE

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Highly effective remedy for restoring of brittle and impoverished hair
It is recommended to use it twice a week: distribute a small quantity evenly on clean wet hair. Apply a small quantity on damaged ends – every day. Can be applied on dry hair.
The main valuable component is argan oil with a high content of fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamin E, ferulic acid and a natural antioxidant squalane.
Results of application:
◦ restoring the structure of each hair
◦ deep moisturizing of hair and the scalp
◦ protection against ultraviolet rays
◦ strengthening of hair follicles
◦ natural regeneration of the scalp
◦ improved hair growth
◦ healthy gloss and softness of hair
◦ easy combing