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Disposable capsule caps for brewing the selected Enhel Beauty green tea.

Country of origin: Japan

Purpose: disposable accessory

Brand: Enhel Beauty

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Enhel Cupps is a disposable accessory for brewing leaf tea, herbs and ground coffee in a cup.

It will allows to enjoy your favorite drink anywhere: at home, at work, in your office or country house, on the road, at the hotel, restaurant or cafe.

Thanks to its beautiful and thoughtful design, the cupps lid will not only decorate your cup, but also preserve the aroma of your drink. It is convenient and safe to use and dispose. Your tea will not be overbrewed, if you do not drink it immediately, the tea leaves will not fall into your drink, the taste will be soft and saturated at the same time, but not distorted, as when brewing it in a reusable metal sieve.

Using the protruding part of the lid, you can move the pocket with tea inside the cup, thereby mixing the drink, while the pocket remains in the area with the most favorable water temperature for brewing. You will not need to think about where to put the used filter package, as it often happens with tea bags. The lid allows you to squeeze out the tea bag in a controlled manner to the very last drop, while keeping your hands clean, dry and not getting burned.

Enhel Cupps is a delicious, comfortable, beautiful way of tea brewing. For aesthetes, gourmets and those who appreciate quality and comfort. Fits easily your hand and most cups. It comes to the help of companies with different tea taste preferences.

Directions: open the capsule lid, pour the product to be brewed into a pocket of filter paper, put it in a cup with hot water, and spread its edges over the cup’s surface.

Additional Information

Ingredients: moisture-proof cardboard, filter paper, paints, varnishes. All materials may contact with hot foods and do not affect their taste. Presentation: individual film sachets, blister pack 30 pcs.


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