Platinum Hydrogen Gel Mask

11,000.00 РУБ.

Country: Japan

Purpose: For face

Ingredients: Platinum Nanocolloid, Fullerene, Hyaluronic Acid, 1,3,6 II Ceramides of Natural Origin, Argania Stem Cells, Apple Fruit Stem Cells, Hydrolysed Elastin, Molecular Hydrogen.

Brand: ENHEL

Package: 4 containers with gel, 4 bags with powder, a spreader packed in a box.

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Youth Vaccine with Preventive Action
Preventive anti-age care: 2 times a week
The therapeutic anti-age care: not less than 4 times a week
Luxurious multicomponent composition: hydrogen with high reducibility, and platinum nanocolloid promoting pronounced skin rejuvenation. The mask stimulates intense collagen production, decreases wrinkles, lifts slack skin, prevents skin dryness and coarsening, suppresses the process of melanin formation, reduces pigment spots. A very few minutes— and you skin looks gorgeous!
Results of application:
◦ instantaneous lifting effect
◦ decreased wrinkles
◦ slack skin lifting
◦ prevention of skin dryness and coarsening
◦ face looking notably younger and more serene
◦ pores contraction
◦ long-lasting moistening
◦ smooth velvety skin
◦ healthy complexion

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