Colored pencils Enhel Baby

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Learning coloured pencils 2+
12 pcs. in set

Package: 12pcs.
Country of the manufacture: Japan
Brand: Enhel

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The first pencils for your little darling! Completely safe, their shape and size are ideal for a small hand. Being durable, they will not be broken even with strong pressure. The colouring pigment is easily washed off by ordinary soap. It does not leave stains on the skin and clothes. Pencils are made of harmless materials, completely safe in use.

They are convenient to draw. Your baby can play with them. Thanks to their special shape, a pyramid can be built of them. It is easy to put them into a box. The box is big enough so that your baby could take the pencils out and put them back easily.

Drawing develops the imagination; the baby learns to distinguish colours and shapes.

Coloured pencils for the youngest is an excellent investment in early childhood development.

Ingredients of coloured pencils:
Colour Pigments, Polyethylene, Calcium Carbonate, Paraffin Oil, Paraffin Wax.


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