Biocellulose Mask

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Еnhel Вeauty Biocellulose H2 Mask

Are you getting ready for an important event? Use our Еnhel Вeauty Biocellulose H2 Mask the day before! 

As early as after the first application, the mask increases the level of moisture and your skin looks more radiant, soft and smooth, more toned and firm, and seems to glow from the inside out!

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Application result:

-lifting effect

– improves complexion

– deep moisturizing

– face contour modelling 

– smoothing of mimic wrinkles

– puffiness removal

Recommendations for use:

We recommend to apply patches under your eyes first and then the mask on top.


1. Clean the skin.

2. Separate the protective films from the biocellulose mask (2 pieces)

3. Apply the mask onto your face.

4. Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes and then take it off. Spread the residues over your face.

5. Wipe with a warm, wet towel.