“Beauty Inside & Outside” Transformation Course

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32 000 RUB

Country: Japan

Purpose: For face and beauty

Brand: ENHEL

Package: Gel Mask, Collagen

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We offer a course consisting of 3 hydrogen gel masks for exterior transformation. High-quality Japanese Collagen is responsible for the well-being inside the body.

It will not give you just a new look for one month, you will see and feel the effect daily. The gel mask was recognized among the best products for the therapeutic rejuvenation in Japan. This mask is for go-to-meeting which instantaneous result allows to use it before an important meeting, a date and any festival. It contains ceramides and collagen. These ingredients improve the regeneration of cells, moisturize the skin and protect it against environmental hazards. And, of course, molecular hydrogen is a powerful anti-oxidant. Moreover, it delivers useful substances to the deep layers of the skin replacing painful invasive procedures.

The skin is being transformed with every passing day:
– activates the rejuvenation processes;
– smoothens wrinkles;
– relieves the puffiness.

The course consisting of 3 masks spans one month. We recommend to apply one mask every ten days. During this period, the Japanese sea collagen will recover the body from inside. Its components stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. But wait, there is more what these magic capsules can do. collagen reserves in the human body decrease, and their restoration is not the easiest thing. Due to this imbalance not only the skin but also internals suffer. The Japanese have developed high-quality collagen which is easily digested by the body. We recommend to take two Collagen tablets daily 30 min. before a meal.


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