Bathing liquid Enhel Baby

SKU: D0125

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Country: Japan

Purpose: For shower and bath

Size: 450 мл.

Brand: ENHEL

Softens water and prevents any dryness of the skin while in the bath

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The liquid neutralizes the alkaline pH-value and stabilizes pH in water. It does not overdry the delicate baby skin. The cell-mediate immunity is improved, and skin barrier properties are preserved. Perfectly harmless for children, it is dye- and fragrance free. A few drops of the liquid in a baby bath, and the baby skin will not require any additional care after bathing.

Squalane Oil softens water, gently nourishes and moistens the skin, restores the horny layer. The grapefruit peel oil possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Eliminates itching and irritation.

How to use:
Dilute about 5 ml of the liquid in 20 litres of water. For a bath with a capacity of about 200L, use 50 ml of the liquid.
Do not mix the liquid with other products to avoid changing in the quality.


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