3D Face Diagnostics

7 000 RUB

Cosmetologists of the Enhel Company accredited at the Tokyo Anti-age Clinic will analyze the condition of your skin, draw up a recommendation card for you to efficiently eliminate the signs of aging and let you in the secret of eternal youth!

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The examination is carried out using an advanced device allowing to diagnose your face skin, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments applied. During the examination the surface of your face skin is scanned by means of LEDs that illuminate the area under examination with rays of light having different wavelengths.

After analyzing the absorption of light in different parts of the spectrum, the device evaluates the concentration of melanin and hemoglobin in your skin and determines the degree of pigment and vascular dyschromia. The device will determine the depth and features of the relief of your wrinkles, scars, post-acne and other skin defects, to identify existing vascular and pigment disorders. According to the results of the diagnosis, a three-dimensional model of the surface of your face skin is created, which allows you to visually evaluate the severity of existing aesthetic defects.

The issues of assessing the effect of certain cosmetic treatments are hotly debated by professional cosmetologists today. At the moment specialists have some methods at their disposal that can give an objective assessment of the efficiency of various treatments.

But it is worth noting there are only few expensive methods with high enough degree of accuracy. Our method allows to accurately diagnose the severity of skin defects, both before and after the treatment in order to clearly demonstrate positive changes in the skin condition over time. Complementally we offer selecting and training of one of the unique Japanese anti-aging techniques for your daily use.

Our doctor can come at any place convenient for you at the time agreed. This service is available in Moscow and the Moscow region. 

Duration: 60 minutes. 


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