Beauty procedures from ENHEL Beauty.

Magnificent Pearl-Platinum SPA Care for Body

Pearl-platinum spa care for the body. A magnificent rejuvenating pearl-platinum spa-care will make the skin softer than silk.

This therapeutic care gives long-lasting moisturizing, corrects stretch marks; it is ideal for the sensitive skin and the skin being prone to dermatitis.

Massage over the moisturizing pearl-platinum mask with a powerful lifting effect. The composition of the mask includes platinum nanocolloids, squalane, pearl, silk, plant extracts and collagen. The application of the rejuvenating scrub with plant stem cells and placenta. The scrub gently exfoliates, smooths out irregularities and micro wrinkles, and also stimulates the regeneration. Cleansing and underwater massage in a bath with hydrogen salt. Heated squalane oil rejuvenates, moisturizes, restores skin tone and turgor.

The pearl-platinum care is available in Beauty Spa by World Class beauty salons.

Class Romanov Dvor, World Class Zhukovka, Sharis, MilFey Frunzenskaya, MilFey Moscow City, White Fox “Knyazhie Ozero”, White Fox “Knyazhie Ozero SPA”.


Luxury Anti-Age Care — when gold is dissolved in the skin

Anti-Age Gold Care is a procedure #1 in Japan. Qualitative rejuvenating care! This is within the power of our Anti-Age Gold Care of new generation!

All care products of Gold Series contain visible gold particles and Unisphere microcapsules. The unique Unisphere technique that is the vitamin concentrate encapsulation guarantees the “freshness” of penetrating ingredients. Gold Mask is treated by the hydrogen agent, thus penetrating into the deep layers of the skin.

The skin obtains the most effective components in a therapeutic concentration:
Fullerene (awarded with the Nobel Prize), Placenta, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Q10 and Vitamin Е.

This salon-type care is carried out in 6 steps:
-cleansing with Enhel Beauty Cleansing Gel;
-cleansing with gommage scrub using Enhel Beauty Gold Peeling Gel gold particles;
-cleaning with the Enhel Beauty rejuvenating scrub: the skin is moistened, gets matte shade; pores are narrowed;
-moistening Enhel Beauty Gold Milk Emulsion: moistening, lifting effect, anti-oxidant protection;
-moistening cream Enhel Beauty Gold Skin Cream: moistening and rejuvenation;
– therapeutic moisturizing with Enhel Beauty Gold Essence
Lotion: fights acne, strengthens blood vessels and eliminates oily sheen;
-application of Enhel Beauty Gold Mask.
A massage is made during 15 minutes, then the mask residues are removed by a warm towel.
The mask of 24-karat leaf gold is prepared manually.
Thanks to anti-age Enhel Beauty Gold Liftpower Serum the face skin is moistened, the face contour is modelled; mimic and deep wrinkles
are smoothened, and nothing can give away your age! Hurrah!


Exclusive Platinum Care – Cellular Rejuvenation from the Japanese Emperors

Valuable imperial care from Enhel

Available at many Moscow beauty salons. It is a 6-step platinum care that immediately activates the rejuvenation processes and gives tremendous results within a matter of hours.

Girls, this is our magic wand. Just before holidays, in the case of “down from the mall, straight to the ball” and simply out of love for yourself … the platinum care is an indispensable procedure.

Most properties come from the technique of Japanese massage, which affects special points on the face. These are a peculiar kind of “buttons» that start the rejuvenation processes. The Platinum Care consists of 6 stages.

Moreover, special attention is paid to the cleansing:
cleansing gel; face wash; platinum water; АНА pilling gel; scrub pilling gel; Enhel Platinum Essence + Platinum Gel Mask.

The result of multistage care:
instantaneous lifting; pores contraction; intense moistening; prevention from dryness and coarsening; nice complexion and smooth tone of the face.