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Oxidants Confrontation

Since 2007, large-scale studies of antioxidant and therapeutic effects of molecular hydrogen (H2) on the human body have been carried out.

Today, more than 1 000 scientific papers confirm the advantages of
hydrogen as an effective and harmless antioxidant for youth, beauty and health.

Molecular hydrogen is a safe antioxidant for rejuvenation.

Instant Effect

Hydrogen H2 has a selective action and primarily neutralizes the hydroxyl radical (•OH), the most destructive component of oxidative stress.

Due to the high rate of diffusion of hydrogen, the reaction is instantaneous. Skin is noticeably improved and body is freed from aging factors.

Oxygen Effects

The oxygen, vital for human life, has one negative effect – it causes aging.

The case is in 2-5% of inhaled oxygen, which is converted to oxidants.

Oxidants cause oxidation or, in another way, oxidative stress. It’s the main cause of aging and 90% of all known diseases.

Regular cosmetics do not fight the oxidants as they are not affecting deep processes of skin changes.

Oxidative stress causes problems like:

– appearance and deepening of wrinkles
– dull and flabby skin
– appearance of pigment spots
– dryness and peeling
– excess fat deposits

Deep Action

The hydrogen H2 is the smallest molecule on Earth. It easily penetrates the membranes deep through the cells. Larger molecules of other antioxidants can not.

Hydrogen H2 clears oxidants of their main source (mitochondria) and the nucleus of the cell (where it protects DNA from oxidative harm).

No By-Products

Hydrogen H2 neutralizes the oxidants, turning them into ordinary H2O water without any by-products.

No other antioxidant can provide this behaviour.


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